Running for the Heroes raises money, support for injured first responders

SNYDER, Texas - For the past three years, the people of Snyder have celebrated the heroism of Corporal Darrell Campbell, a police officer who was shot in the head while responding to a shots fired call in 2011.

Although Campbell did survive the ordeal, the city of Snyder continues to support him and hosts an annual 5K in his honor.

"They've been real supportive since I've been injured," Campbell told KTXS. "It's pretty nice to have the community rally around me like they have."

Though the 5K was originally organized for Campbell, the Snyder Police Department chose to honor two additional families this year. 

Chad Davis, who was injured while on duty as a Gransbury police officer, said he's honored to be included in this year's event because he had the opportunity to walk next to Campbell.

"It was inspirational because [Campbell's] injuries were way worse than mine," Davis said. "It's just an inspiration to see that he's pulling through and to know that, you know, I can too."

Another honored hero was Katy McLean's husband, Sergeant Lance McLean of Hood County. McLean was killed in 2013 while protecting the lives of others.

Katy said, with the community's help, she will use her portion of the proceeds from the 5K for their two children.

"Most of the things we get are going to help the children and get things to help them," Katy said. "They're both disabled, so it helps buy supplies and things that we need for them that we've never been able to get for them before."

If you would like more information on any of the police officers, you can visit this link to the Run for the Heroes website.

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