Salvation Army helping people beat the heat

Abilene Salvation Army offers heat relief

ABILENE, Texas - Friday Abilene tied its top temperature so far this year at 104 degrees.

What does that mean for those who have nowhere to go and get some relief from the heat? That's where the Salvation Army comes in.

"Anytime it's over 100 degrees we welcome anyone in and they can come, stay, cool off. We offer free water at our cooling station," said Lindsey Trook, community development director at the Salvation Army. 

James Tusing who was utilizing the Salvation Army cooling station Friday said without the help of the Salvation Army the summer months would be unbearable.

"There's no way to explain it. It's miserable living. You just want to crawl underneath a rock to get the shade, but we have this and I thank god for it," said Tusing.

This is the first week the cooling station has been open this summer.

"Our lobby has had several people in it all week and most of them families so that definitely makes us feel good when we see that people are utilizing it to stay out of the heat," Trook said. 

Friday the Salvation Army started doing street outreach for the homeless and those working in the high temperatures.

"We had a four person team and we took an ice chest, we had about 200 bottles of water, and then we had bags with Chap Stick, snacks, different things that would help them in the heat," said Trook.

The Salvation Army staff says so far they have had great feedback from the street outreach program and they plan to continue it all summer long.

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