Salvation Army in need of more kettle donations to continue programs

Salvation Army kettle donations down

ABILENE, Texas - The Salvation Army may not be able to help as many people this year because of a lack of response to a campaign they've been doing for years.

Salvation Army staff said kettle donations are their biggest fundraiser of the year, but this year they have raised about $20,000 less than last year.

"If it's a penny, if it's a dollar, donate because somebody can benefit from that," said Bell Ringer Randall Morgan.

Salvation Army bell ringers are having a tough time making up for lost time.

"Our kettles are down this year because Thanksgiving came so late in the year so we lost seven days there because we have agreements with certain locations that we won't ring until Black Friday," Salvation Army Captain Russ Keeney said.  

The ice storm made the already shortened season even more difficult.

"We had so much ice and stuff this year that we've missed four full days of bell ringing and half of another one and that's a lot to miss in one year," Keeney said.

Less donations could mean less help for those who need it most.

"If we were not here where are people going to turn when they need to get a hot meal or a place to stay when it's 25° outside" said Keeney.

There is still time to help the Salvation Army. Bell ringers will be out again Tuesday until 6 p.m., although that is their last day this year.

After that you can donate by dropping off or mailing donations to the Salvation Army at 1726 Butternut Street.

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