Salvation Army kicks off annual fan drive to help those without air-conditioning

Salvation Army provides cool relief to those in need

ABILENE, Texas - Temperatures are climbing, and for some, it's not just uncomfortable. It's dangerous.

The Salvation Army is asking the community to help them provide fans to people without air conditioning during these hot summer months, now that Abilene is heating up.

"It's really hot, it really is hot," said Latoya Crisp.

"It's only beginning to get hot," said Reverend Robert Bush. "Looks like it's going get a lot hotter."

"It's miserable," said Cory Canales.

The Salvation Army kicked off its fan drive today to help those suffering without air-conditioning. They've already had about 20 calls from people in need of fans.

"There are many seniors and low-income folks that have small children that are living in houses without any air-conditioning whatsoever," said Major James Parrish. "It's a hot part of the state, not humid, but very hot and dangerous."

Last year, they provided 80 fans to low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities.
Parrish said he is hoping with donations from the community, they can help everyone who needs it this year.

He said in West Texas, the heat can be deadly.

"People have died from the heat," said Parrish.

"You can die in it. You really can. Like that little old lady a couple years back. She died in her house with no air-conditioning," said Canales.

When those temps hit 100 degrees or higher, the Salvation Army acts as a cooling station and opens the doors to anyone who needs a cool place to rest.

You can bring a good fan in working condition to the Salvation Army at 1726 Butternut Street.

They're also accepting monetary donations, which can be sent to P.O. Box 6929.  They will use those donations to buy fans in bulk and to continue providing meals and shelter for those in need.

If you would like to go out and purchase one yourself, basic box fans are available at most retail stores for about $20.

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