Scammers target a woman by claiming her computer needed to be updated

ABILENE, Texas - Phone calls are just the beginning of how scammers can target victims.

Judy Dutton, an Abilene resident, said one scam artist tried to access her personal information through her computer on Friday morning.

"Some gentleman from India called and said 'ma'am you need to open your computer, we have a message for you that you need to do an update on your Windows'," Dutton said.

She said she did feel nervous initially, but called her trusted friend for advice.

"I discussed it with him and I said there's a gentleman trying to call me, telling me that I'm needing to update my computer at this hour and he said you need to hang up," Dutton said.

So she did.

According to the Better Business Bureau, she did the right thing. There are also a few other tips to keep your computer safe:

First off, if someone calls you telling you to update your computer, that's a red flag.

The BBB recommends using security programs that update automatically, treating your personal information like cash, don't hand it out to just anyone and giving personal information over encrypted websites only.

Dutton said she wanted people in the community to be aware of the dangers of scammers.

"There's senior citizens in the community that they don't have someone to call," Dutton said. "I want to protect the other people out there."

If you think you might be a victim of a scam, contact the BBB at (325) 691-1533.

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