School shopping begins, one list at a time

ABILENE, Texas - Every year parents brave the crowd and go school shopping for their children.

The lists might be the same, but spending the money doesn't get any easier.

"Having to go and select, it ends up costing more than you think it would, especially when you have multiple, with middle school, multiple classes and different things required for each class," Marcia Straughn, a back to school shopper, said. "It tends to add up."

On average, for a fifth grader in an Abilene Independent School District elementary school, a parent could spend at least $50, that's not including special activities or trips.

"I think everything is increasing in price so it makes sense that the school supplies would," Straughn said. "I mean not too long ago, I don't remember colored pencils costing six dollars."

For those who do want to save a little money, tax free weekend is August 8th through 10th and offers no tax on clothes, backpacks and school supplies.

For a list of the AISD school supplies broken up by grade level, click on this link under School Supply Lists.

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