Second arrest made in connection to Abilene BB gun shooting spree

ABILENE, Texas - A second Abilene teen has been charged with criminal mischief in connection with last week's BB gun shooting spree.

According to an arrest report, Jarron Barnett, 17, was arrested Friday night after he was found at his home, along with the suspected vehicle involved in the crimes. When police arrived, Barnett gave them permission to search the car. Four BB guns along with loose BBs were found.

More than 100 BB gun vandalism cases were reported in Abilene last week.

When brought in for questioning, Barnett admitted to being the driver for the BB gun shootings on Tuesday while three others shot car windows out. He was booked into the Taylor County Jail on Friday with bond set at $2,500. Barnett has since been released.

Taquan Brown, 17, was also arrested Friday night in connection with the recent barrage of BB gun vandalism incidents.

According to arrest reports the teen was a person of interest in the investigation and agreed to be questioned by Abilene Police.

A written statement says he admitted to being in a truck with others while driving around and shooting out windows.

Brown was booked into the Taylor County Jail on $2,500 bond, but he has since been released.

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