Shave time off security screening at Abilene Regional Airport

TSA's "precheck" program now available

Shave time off security screening at Abilene Regional Airport

ABILENE, Texas - Take off yours shoes. Take off your belt. Take off your jacket. Now put them all back on again.

Sick of doing this every time you fly out of Abilene Regional?

Then maybe the Transportation Security Adminstration's Precheck Program is for you.

The precheck program has been in other airports around the nation for about a year, but now it can save time for Abilene travelers.

Basically, the program is a way to get expedited screening because you have been pre-screened by TSA; your background has been examined in more detail and you have been determined as a non-threat to aviation.

Don Green, director of aviation at Abilene Regional Airport said the screening in Abilene is a bit more limited than what you'd find in a bigger airport that has a lane dedicated for precheck customers.

"But the passengers can still leave their jackets and their shoes and their belts on when they're going through the screening process here, but they still have to remove a laptop from their bag or carry on bag," Green said.

 Customers we talked to at the airport think the program is a good idea.

"If you go through the time and effort to prove your background, you don't have anything that strikes against you or reason people should be suspicious, I think they should give you a little more leeway and be able to fly like a regular, civilized human being," Marianne Nassef said.

According to the TSA, more than 12 million travelers have already experienced precheck at 40 airports nationwide.

The precheck qualification costs $85. That's good for a five-year membership; the cost includes your background check and fingerprinting. 

Once you're approved, you'll receive a "Known Traveler Number" and when you check in on flights, your boarding pass will indicate to TSA officers that you're prechecked.

You can find more information about the precheck program by clicking here.

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