Soaring electric bills reported after recent below-freezing temps

Soaring electric bills reported after recent below-freezing temps

ABILENE, Texas - You may be having a bit of sticker shock as you open your electric bill these past few months.

It's really no surprise with the bouts of subfreezing weather we've seen since early December. Heaters have been running round the clock for many. In fact, some of our viewers have reported their bills doubling.

We talked to a representative at a local electric provider about other reasons your bills keep going up as the temperatures keep going down.

"Even if you only had your thermostat set at 68, your heater was running. Also, this cold snap hit right in the middle of the holiday and Christmas time, so a lot of people were home at that time and had company as well," said Dennis O'Dell, a customer service representative with AEP. 

He also encourages people to take a look at their bills more closely, to keep track of their usage and figure out just how much they're paying per kw/h.

If you're unhappy with how high your bill is, you can compare costs from different providers by going to the Power To Choose website.

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