Some Abilene residents frustrated with 'tacky' neighborhood, urging city to take action

Residents urge city to take action in 'tacky' neighborhood

ABILENE, Texas - High weeds and broken-down vehicles aren't usually things people want to see in their neighborhood.

One Abilene resident is sick and tired of what she calls her "tacky neighborhood" and says the city of Abilene hasn't helped.

Residents of the block near North 20th and Kirkwood are fed up with the way their neighborhood looks.

They said the overgrowth and junk in their neighbor's yards is embarrassing and they're ready for the city of Abilene to take action.

Rachel Cortinez has lived in the neighborhood her whole life. She said she's never seen it this bad before.

"My frustration is we have all these vacant lots with these high weeds," Cortinez said. "We have to try to keep our yards clean and all these lots. It just makes our neighborhood look tacky."

Cortinez said she and her neighbors have filed numerous complaints with the city.

"They've told us they'd look into it, they'd look into it, but I've never seen anybody come out here to try to do anything," Cortinez said.

The city of Abilene said it's an issue of more complaints than personnel.

"This time of year, we do tend to have more cases than the resources to handle them and therefore, we have to prioritize," said Ed McRoy.

"We have a total of five code officers, but really only three that work these kinds of cases right now," McRoy said.

According to the city, they received more than 800 complaints in July alone. McRoy said each complaint is reviewed and handled, it just takes time.

According to McRoy, the best way to file a complaint is by using the city's 411 program; this allows residents to track the status of their complaints.

You can access the 411 program here.

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