Some unhappy with Abilene ISD vote to appoint rather than hold special election

AISD Trustee decision to fill board vacancy unpopular with some

ABILENE, TX - School board members are normally elected, unless someone resigns -- and the way Dr. Shane Davidson is being replaced doesn't sit will well with everyone.

The Abilene ISD school board decided to appoint someone rather than hold a special election in May.

The board has 180 days to fill an empty seat by temporary appointment.

Originally, the board planned to discuss filling the vacancy in closed session of  Monday night's meeting.

However, strong arguments made from Abilene residents, Jack Guzman, Dan Symonds and Bill Enriquez led the board to discuss Shane Davidson's replace process in an open forum. They all want a special election.

Enriquez said he's not happy, but he's a team player.

"I think that, that individual that winds up being appointed has got many obstacles to overcome, but the bottom line is accountability and the accountability is not there as much for an elected official," said Enriquez.

Board president Stan Lambert felt the decision to appoint was neither right or wrong.

"I think it just came down to each individual board member needing to feel they're way through this and decide which one they would prefer at this particular time and which one was right for our board and for our district," Lambert.

The board mentioned it would cost $12 to 15,000 to hold a special election for one seat.

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