Son joins father to further the mission of Love and Care Ministries

ABILENE, Texas - We've been telling you the story of Love and Care Ministries and the man who started it all to give to those who needed it most: Mark Hewitt.

Mark started the ministry in the back of his pick up truck almost 20 years ago and wants to make sure it will be going strong in 20 more years and it looks like it will be in good hands when he's ready to pass the torch.

"When Zach was 7, we were out feeding the homeless in our pick up truck and we saw a gentleman named Mr. Yarborough out walking by the train tracks. He had this big coat on and it was 85 to 90 degrees outside. We said, ‘Mr. Yarborough, why have you got that coat on?' He said, ‘Mr. Mark, it rained last night and soaked everything I have except what I have on.' Zach leans back and takes the shirt off my hanger, hands it to him and said, 'Here Mr. Yarborough, you can have my daddy's shirt…' you remember that story?" Pastor Mark Hewitt asked his son Zach.

No doubt the pair remember many stories of helping the poor and homeless through out the years. Zach might not have known it then, but later in life he would be making many more.

"I always pictured myself doing other stuff, having my own business, working in a bank, doing something like that. I never thought I would end up doing this," Zach said.

But about five months ago, a memory of his dad changed his career path.

"Someone asked him one day, 'What do you think is success?' And he said 'It's not making money or owning a business or something like that, it's helping people,'" Zach told us.

And now, that's what exactly what he is doing. Following in his father's footsteps. He's in charge of the Love and Care Ministries facility in Merkel which coincidentally opened five months ago as well. His father says even though someday he'll pass the torch, leaving is not in the picture.

"I'll never retire from Love and Care Ministries, I'll always be around in the scene, but there might be a day where I want to come in a half a day as I get older. If God's plan is for him to take this one day, that would be amazing, I would love that," said Mark.

Mark added it will be a learning process for his son, one that they will have fun with along the way.

"It's fun to have an office over there and be able to look through the glass and say ‘Are you working over there?'" Mark laughingly said to us.

"I do think he's getting a little old, his hair's starting to turn grey. He's starting to lose it a little bit of it.  I guess that's where I get it… like father like son huh?"

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