Spraying completed for West Nile Virus in Abilene

News release from the city of Abilene:

Spraying is now completed in response to a positive test showing West Nile virus in mosquitoes trapped in northeast Abilene.

An Environmental Health truck with a sprayer unit attached sprayed insecticide in an area bounded by Ambler Ave on the north, EN 10th St. on the south, Judge Ely Blvd. on the east and Cedar Creek on the West. This is the area data showed the spraying would be most effective.

The city will continue to trap, test and monitor mosquitoes.  Additional spraying will be considered if new indications of a West Nile virus threat are received.  The presence of mosquitoes in an area alone is not enough to trigger spraying.

Residents are still encouraged to drain all standing water. Residents are also advised to take precautions by using mosquito repellent and wearing protective clothing during peak mosquito hours, which are from dusk to dawn.

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