Stabbing victim testifies in Latham stabbing trial, says incident changed her life

ABILENE, Texas - A Taylor County jury sat through its first full day of testimony in an Oct. 2012 stabbing case Tuesday.

The jurors were shown graphic pictures of a Raimee Brown's stab wounds. Brown was only 19 when she was stabbed at a home on Matador Street 14 months ago and took the stand against her alleged attacker, 34-year-old Robert Latham, Tuesday morning.

The pictures showed a total of three stab wounds. Two wounds were located on her upper left arm and the third was located on the upper right side of her back. The hospital sheets she was lying on were covered in blood.

"I could feel the blood gushing out of my back," Brown said as she described the stabbing during her testimony.

Brown also testified that she had been smoking methamphetamine just before the stabbing. A police officer testified Brown did not know who had stabbed her at the time of the incident, but stated Latham was near her and acting strange just before.

A witness also said Latham had been acting strange and, according to court documents, told police Latham was the attacker. He also told police the stabbing was unusual because no real altercation led up to the alleged attack.

In court, Brown said the stabbing injured her spinal cord and she now suffers Brown-Séquard syndrome which can lead to a numbing sensation following a laceration to the spinal cord. Brown said she was initially told she'd never walk again, but she can now walk and occasionally needs a cane due to the numbness in one of her legs.

A registered nurse who saw Brown when she was hospitalized said Brown told her a man had stabbed her, but Brown didn't know who when she arrived at the hospital.

Brown said despite the medical toll the stabbing had on her, the incident changed her life for the better.

"This incident really – it made me believe in God again," Brown said.

She said she has since moved out of West Texas and quit doing drugs.

During cross examination of an Abilene police officer, Jeff Johnson - Latham's court-appointed defense attorney – questioned the accuracy of an incident report. Johnson pointed out incorrect birthdays listed for Latham and a witness.

Latham is on trial for first degree aggravated assault and state jail felony (enhanced) evading arrest. 

Court adjourned around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Continue to check ktxs.com for updates throughout the week.


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