Starbucks adding beer and wine to select locations

The coffee company plans to expand alcohol sales to thousands of select stores

Some Starbucks to serve alcohol

Starbucks, the company mostly known for coffee, has decided to expand it's idea to sell alcoholic beverages to select stores, calling it "Starbucks Evenings."

Beer and wine are currently only available at 26 locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Portland but the company plans to expand to thousands of locations within the next few years.

The plan is to boost sales after the morning rush hour ends. Alcohol would be served after 4 pm, also with potential added dishes like bacon wrapped dates, flatbreads, and macaroni & cheese.

Starbucks customer Celia Corley-Davis says, "I'm sure it will increase their sales, I'm sure from a corporate standpoint it will probably be a great idea for them... I just think there's a lot of temptation, you got little kids coming with you to various places and I think it's just kind-of better to seperate those things.

While another customer (Jessica Mueller) says, "It makes money, sure why not? It's not hurting anything as long as people are responsible."

We reached out to the Starbucks corporation and are currently waiting on an update to see if "Starbucks Evenings" will make its way to Texas and the Big Country.

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