State Farm, Duck Dynasty offers safety tips for Thanksgiving turkey frying

Texas ranked No. 1 in turkey fryer fires

State Farm, Duck Dynasty offers safety tips for Thanksgiving turkey frying

ABILENE, Texas - Based on five years of data, Texas ranks number one in the country for turkey fryer fire claims.

According State Farm, more cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

Most turkey fryer fires and cooking fires are preventable.

The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking.

Patti Kelly with State Farm Insurance offers a few tips:

"We want to make sure people properly thaw the turkey before they put it in the fire," Kelly said. "That will keep the oil from splashing up and causing a flare up."

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

"Both in the kitchen and with a turkey fryer because when you're dealing with oil-grease fires, you never want to splash water on it," Kelly said. "That's a no-no. That will cause it to totally flare up."

And never fry a turkey indoors.

"Make sure you put that fryer away from any structures," Kelly said. "Keep it a reasonable distance from your home, your garage, your patio and away from wooden structures."

In the event that your Thanksgiving cooking does go up in smoke, you should be taken care of.

"It's called a covered peril, so if that does happen, we got your back," Kelly said. "Most insurance companies and most policies will cover that."

Here are some more cooking safety tips for the holidays:

1. Have a "kid-free" zone of at least three feet around the stove and areas where there is hot food and drinks.

2. Keep anything that can catch on fire, like oven mitts and napkins, away from your stovetop.

3. Never leave a hot turkey fryer unattended.

4. Don't use ice or water to cool down oil or extinguish an oil fire.

State Farm Insurance has teamed with a few famous "duck men" to really drive home their message of turkey fryer safety. To watch the full video featuring the Duck Commanders, click here.

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