Street repairs to begin soon on Ambler Avenue

Street repair beginning soon on Ambler Avenue

ABILENE, Texas - A main street in Abilene is set to go under construction in the next couple weeks.

According to Abilene's Interim City Engineer James Rogge, the main focus of the project will be on Ambler Ave. near Arthur Sears Park.

"We will be taking off the top inch and a half or inch of surface and looking for failures underneath and fixing those failures and putting a new surface back down," said Rogge. "A lot of that just depends on what we find when we pull that top surface off."

The project will cost an estimated $300,000 and will be paid for by a repair contract from the city of Abilene.

Drivers who use Ambler Avenue everyday are happy to see the city finally doing something about this stretch of roadway.

"The north side of Ambler is finally getting a face-lift," said Abilene resident Christopher Lopez. "This will be good for traffic lights, school programs. I'm excited." 

"I'm pretty excited to see them get it fixed because it's been bad," said Hardin-Simmons senior Darren Seamster. "I try to go the other way and around because Ambler is very messed up so I just use other roads because I know about Ambler."

The project will bring major improvements to the area.

"People will see a nice smooth ride, no potholes, no more cracks, nice black pavements, new pavement markers," said Rogge.

The construction will take approximately two months to complete.

Rogge urges drivers to be careful around the area, especially with school starting up in a couple of weeks.

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