Stress and anxiety are high at AISD meeting

Educators come out against Staar testing

ABILENE, Texas - Emotions ran high at the AISD meeting for STAAR testing. One concerned teacher couldn't hold back the tears as she gave her testimony.

"There was no greater fear through the course of my teaching than to find that one student had not passed the test.," said second grade teacher Gina Goettsch.

For some, the high standards have taken the joy out of teaching.

Social Studies teacher Jay Moore said, "The time I have to prepare a lesson that's engaging and entertaining and informative has really been cut down just because of all other stuff that we now must do to meet state guidelines."

The Abilene School Board along with some  800 other districts across the state has passed a resolution to put an end to the standardized testing. Goettsch expressed how she felt about her own son's education.

"With the expectation of the new mandated STAAR test I am grateful as a parent he is exiting public schools."

We learned that students have to pass a total of 15 end of course exams before they can get a diploma.

"You pretty much wind up teaching to the test," said Moore. "So the kids can get their diploma, cause you know that's what matters, the test."

Stress and anxiety is also difficult for kids preparing for these tests.  One parent recounts how it made her daughter feel.

"I remember the night before her third grade year she was crying 'mom if I don't past the TAKS test I can't go to fourth grade', " said Donna Walls.

"If we want to over come the atrocity that's taken place in our public schools it will take all if us to fight the fight," said Goettsch.

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