Students embrace differences for a day of dancing at the United We Dance Prom

One of the biggest events for a high schooler is prom night, and at Abilene High School, it's no different.

On Friday afternoon, The "United We Dance" prom featured students from all over the Big Country. The dance was geared toward special needs students and was a way to unite the school.

"This is a time for you to let loose and do whatever you want to and have fun and not worry about what other people are thinking," Sarah Fambrough, Abilene High School teacher, said.

Fambrough also sponsors a leadership class that works with special needs students throughout the school year.

"A couple times every month we'll go to their PE class and we'll just play the games with them and talk to them, just socialize," Nicklaus Falkinburg, PALS student, said. "It's a different part of the school we get to see."

The students said although they were the ones volunteering their time to help, the special education students ended up teaching them some very important lessons instead.

"It's like a blindfold being taken off of you," Falkinburg said. "Just because someone's different, you shouldn't stay away from them, you should embrace it."

The prom was free for the students involved. The cosmetology class at Abilene High helped with hair and makeup for the ladies and various students and teachers donated dresses and suits.

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