Study shows increase in dependability of used and domestic cars

Study shows increase in dependability of used and domestic cars

ABILENE, Texas - J.D. Power and Associates has released the 2013 study on vehicle dependability, and  the report shows many used and American made car brands are holding up better than ever.

Detroit brands, such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, improved at a faster rate than import brands. Of 31 car brands measured, 21 improved their reliability scores.

Dependability of three-year-old models is at an all time high. Those 2010 models scored 5 percent better than 2009 models scored in last years study.

"The cars are lasting longer, there are fewer issues and so you can go in and buy a used car and know that it's going to be reliable and stay on the road," said Shanna Kevil, General Manager of Arrow Ford.

Arrow Ford has kicked off the year with impressive used car sales.

"Used car sales are definitely up," said Kevil. "It's a great time to buy used."

They said American made cars are finally edging out their foreign competition.

"In the past, people have believed foreign cars are made better, but they can't say that anymore," said Kevil. "Their cars are rating higher or just as high as the imports."

Hanner Supercenter in Baird agreed.

Vice President of the company, Hunter Hanner, said American cars are finally overcoming what has been a somewhat unsteady record in the past.

"The perception of the quality of American vehicles has deservedly gone way up. The quality has gone up, the reputation is there now, they're winning awards," said Hanner.

He said the newest study makes his job easier.

"We don't want to sell something that someone's going to have problems with because that's not good for them and they don't think very highly of us," said Hanner.

Both companies say buying used from a reputable dealer is important. The cars are subject to several checkups and tests before they even hit the sales lot.

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