Taylor County Jail having trouble finding, keeping staff

Taylor County jail has staffing problems

ABILENE, Texas - The Taylor County Jail is having problems keeping qualified people.

That means jail personnel are working long hours. It also means the jail often struggles to meet the state requirement of having a ratio of at least one jailer for every 48 inmates.

Sheriff Ricky Bishop said the jail is roughly 16 employees short.

The starting salary for jailers in Taylor County is $27,000 a year. Bishop said he's working to raise the starting salary to at least $30,000 annually.

According to Taylor County Sheriff's Department spokesman John Cummins, those interested in becoming a jailer can go to www.taylorcountytexas.org, click on the "I Want To" box at the top of the page and then click on "Apply For A Job."

"Then they need to select 'Application Process,'" Cummins said in an email. "On this page, they can download an application for the position of 'Corrections Officer.' They can then print out a copy, complete it, and if desired fax it back to the county's Human Resources Department at (325) 738-8529.

"If the person doesn't have computer access, they can pick up a printed application at the HR office on the second floor of the new courthouse.  They can either take it with them to complete or stay there and do it."

Cummins said all applications must be submitted through Human Resources.

In addition, Cummins said, those interested can email him at info@taylorcosheriff.com if they have any questions.

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