Taylor County Juvenile Detention Center could close one facility

ABILENE, Texas - The Taylor County Juvenile Detention Center holding facility for offenders serving their sentences could soon close.

Members of the board will ask county commissioners Tuesday to petition the state for an early end to the 20-year contract for the post-adjudication facility.

Judge Downing Bolls said the state no longer provides any funding for the facility and there is not as much of a need for it since the juvenile population using the facility has decreased.

He said it costs more than $280 per day to house each offender at the facility. If the facility closes, those who are housed in it would have to be transported outside of the county to serve their time.

"There's, I think, eight different places we're looking at, the board of judges does want to look at those, wants to visit those before they start making any recommendations on where we're going to send children who are juvenile offenders," Bolls said. "They want to visit those to make sure their programs are solid programs which will be beneficial to the juveniles involved and to not just you know, lock them away somewhere."

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