Taylor County Sheriff hopes for more deputies, patrol cars in budget hearings

ABILENE, Texas - Budget hearings begin Monday morning at the Taylor County Courthouse.

Sheriff Ricky Bishop said a pay committee has been been formed to propose salary increases. More than 500 people are employed by the county.

Bishop is hoping for raises for the Sheriff's department along with a few other improvements.    

"We've been behind for several years now," Bishop said. "They're several 25 year employees that don't recall a pay raise within the last 20 years except for cost of living increase but when you get those and then insurance goes up at the same time."

Bishop said a market study was done for the entire county and the pay committee will address that Monday.

"There are numerous employees that are more than 30 percent below the market study that was done," Bishop said. "They would like to propose bringing everyone that is more than 15 percent below that study, up to the 15 percent mark in the next year start trying to dwindle that number down so we can more comparable and get down to average."

For the sheriff's office budget, Bishop would like to see new patrol cars.

"We've got a lot of older vehicles especially some of our impalas that were first on patrol back in 2001," Bishop said. "They've got lots of likes on them and we're putting a lot of money in them just to keep them running."

Bishop also plans to ask for more deputies.

Our officer and inmate ratio is not meeting where it needs to be," Bishop said.  "We're bumping that line where we're going to have to have more officers so we're going to be asking for additional employees there."

The budget for the Sheriff's office will  be presented at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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