Taylor County Sheriff says "be safe," have fun at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo

ABILENE, Texas - The West Texas Fair and Rodeo is in full swing at the Taylor County Expo Center.

As you head out to have fun, Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop wants to remind you to "be safe."

Sheriff's deputies will patrol the fair grounds around the clock. They are asking families to be safe getting on and off rides. They urge people to be sure to follow the rules of the park and have responsible fun while staying cautious around the animals on the grounds. 

"We had an incident, I believe it was last night, where someone went up to pet a cow and got kicked and she just got jittery," Sheriff Bishop said. "Some of these animals are in an environment that they're not used to, so just be careful and be sure to go up and talk to the owner before you go up and talk to any of the animals."

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