Teacher Tribute: 8th grade teacher is determined to help her students ace their next shot at the STAAR test

Jan Long: Teacher Tribute Honoree

ABILENE, Texas - Jan Long of Clack Middle School was recently recognized as a Teacher Tribute award winner.

Long has been teaching at the middle school for 14 years and has taught both math and computer literacy. She said she loves her students so much, she wishes she was in their age group.

"I love the culture," Long said. "I love the music -- which I know that's crazy -- and all the technology that's available...and I just can't imagine where it's going to go from here."

But teaching does come with its ups and downs. Long said some of her students will need to re-take the STAAR test.

"The saddest moment is when you have a student that's worked so hard and they've made progress…and you have to tell them 'you didn't quite make it' and that's the roughest day," Long said.

Long said she does not want her students to lose hope and she will help them through thick and thin.

"We will pull our boots back on and start again," Long said. "We re-test again on the 13th -- so if they weren't successful the first time -- we're going to do it the second time."

Aurora Garza, the eighth grader who nominated Long for Teacher Tribute, said Long's determination and commitment to her students is the reason why Garza looks forward to math class every day.

"She's always pretty much made the classroom a happy place to be and it's like my favorite class," Garza said. "I don't really like math, but since I've had Mrs. Long as a teacher, I've really liked it."

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