Teacher Tribute: Caren Christian celebrates at Wylie Junior High

Wylie Jr. High is the home of a Teacher Tribute Award Winner

ABILENE, Texas - Caren Christian is celebrating not only her sixth year teaching at Wylie Junior High, but also her Teacher Tribute award.

As an 8th grade advanced English teacher, Christian loves nothing more than seeing students learn and overcome an academic challenge.

"In the 8th grade, we typically are paving the way for high school so we do teach a lot of new things," Christian said. "It makes it really exciting because some kids—especially in advanced classes—haven't been super challenged throughout the years so it's fun to watch them go: ‘Oh! That's a new concept for me, that's new,' So I enjoy seeing that and getting to help them learn some new things."

Madison Martin nominated Christian for the Teacher Tribute award. She said Christian has made her feel right at home at Wylie even though she transferred from a school in Laredo.

"On the first day of school, she made me feel really welcome in her class and honestly I think that's really important because I've gone to a lot of different schools and not all of my teachers have made me feel as welcome," Martin said. "That was really nice."

Christian said she loves to help students, but the most difficult part of her job is seeing them struggle outside of school.

"I'm thankful that I'm in a place where I can reach out to kids in more than just an academic way," Christian said.

If you'd like to nominate a teacher, click here or pick up an application at your school's front office. 

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