Teacher Tribute: Carrolyn Hudson

We go to Lee Elementary to meet this week's teacher tribute award winner.  Carrolyn Hudson teaches first grade at the north Abilene school.  She's been at Lee for 16 years and says she lives for those "a-ha" moments, when she knows her students are really learning.

As you watch her work, you see the care she puts into everything and every word she shares with her students.  "Some of the children, they've never seen a book before and they have no idea of how to turn the book, or have never had anyone read to them, and so when you have that type of population, you're more than just a teacher - you are their doorway to the world," said Hudson.

Within Mrs. Hudson's class are 5 refugee students, all coming to Abilene from a foreign country and knowing basically no English.  One student just arrived last week.  Still, Hudson handles all of their needs - and that of every other student in her class - with the ease of only a true professional.  "Some of the kids come from very tough, sad, backgrounds and serving that community has been like a purpose, a reason to get up everyday," said Hudson.

No matter how a student starts a year in Mrs. Hudson's class, she works to ensure they leave with lessons that last far beyond first grade.  "If a kid can leave here with that motivation and that joy for learning then they're going to be OK," said Hudson.

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