Teacher Tribute: Cathy Taylor and Donna Wise

ABILENE, Texas - We get to honor two teachers in this week's Teacher Tribute. Tyler Gripton wrote in to tell us about both Cathy Taylor and coach Donna Wise. They teach special education out at Cooper High School.

You may have heard some of their work. The sound of these bells fill a classroom at Cooper High as Taylor's Pure Gold Handbell choir rehearses.  made of up special needs students from Cooper and Abilene high schools.

You can't help but be impressed to see and hear what an excellent job these kids do. Taylor explains traditional sheet music has to be modified in a way these kids can read it and follow along.   

Tyler loves working with Taylor.  She's given him the ability to do things, like perform places  he never would get to in a traditional extra curricular activity.
Wise is actually a general education teacher who teaches several of the physical education classes at Cooper. She also heads up the PE class for special education.
Wise has spent 30 years teaching between her time at Cooper and Crockett Elementary.

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