Teacher Tribute: Ranger girls basketball coach T'Leah Eicke

Teacher Tribute winner: T'leah Eicke

RANGER, Texas - Ranger girls basketball coach T'leah Eicke is kicking off her team's annual basketball retreat with a prayer.  And while it may not be where you'd expect to find a basketball team...it's exactly where she wants to start things with her girls. 

"At a small school here, 1A or 2A, you get to know your kids on a personal level which is awesome," Eicke said.

Coach Eicke brings her players together for a two-hour basketball retreat; but there's no drills or conditioning going on.  Instead, Eicke takes this time to get to know her athletes...and help them get to know each other off the court. The girls spend the evening playing different team building games outside and even in the weight room.

Eicke is also a math teacher and said she was inspired to be an educator by great teachers she had going to school in Snyder.  Now she only hopes the lessons she teachers her girls will stick with them just the same. 

"It's not just what I teach in math or what I'm coaching them, I'm hoping to inspire them to better characters and better citizens out in the real world," Eicke said.

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