Teacher Tribute: Reagan Elementary School teacher honored

Teacher Tribute: Lucy Gonzales

ABILENE, Texas -

This week's Teacher Tribute award winner is Lucy Gonzales, a fourth grade math and science teacher at Reagan Elementary School.

Her students said they have made tremendous progress in her classroom and they appreciate that she is involved in their lives even outside of classes.

Alexis Espinosa nominated Gonzales for the award. Espinosa said math is not her best subject; however, Gonzales works hard to help her understand each concept.

"She helped me with the multiplication and the division because I wasn't really good at that when I first got into the fourth grade," Espinosa said.

Gonzales said she believes students are the future, and after spending the past 11 years teaching at Reagan, she has learned that believing in her students makes a big difference in their performance.

"I just love when their little eyes light up when they understand a subject," Gonzales said. "[When] they get it, they want to know more about it and that just makes my day."

Espinosa said Gonzales' compassion outside of the classroom is what makes her stand out.

"She took time out of her weekend to come watch me play my basketball game and she cheered for me," Espinosa said. "That made me feel really special that she actually came."

Gonzales said she looks forward to coming to school everyday.

"I know by the end of the day, someone is going to say something that's going to make it all worthwhile," Gonzales said. 

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