Teachers prepare for back to school on Monday

ABILENE, TX - It's back to school for students Monday.

Kids will return after a two week winter break. We visited Pre-K teacher Allie Ensor's classroom to see how she's preparing for her student's return. 

"First we'll come back and hear some stories about what everyone did over Christmas," said Ensor. "Then, we're jumping right into telling time."

She also said, "I came in here first thing, got out my hand sanitizers, got out my Clorox wipes and wiped down all the desks all the chairs. We're done with the sickness. We want it to go away."

Those extra steps are helping to ward off the flu. Taylor County has been experiencing an increase in cases. To ring in the year, St. John's is taking extra precautions.      

"Each month we're going to have a different type of drill whether it be a fire drill or a lockdown," Ensor said. "We want to be prepared. We want all the parents to know that their kids are safe."

Ms. Ensor keeps first aid kits in her room in case of any mishaps. Her preparation message to parents is simple.

"Remind them that their teachers love them," Ensor said. "Their excited to have them back. We're ready to learn."

We learned some additional tips from parentfurther.com. Parents should feed their kids breakfast before school and reinforce lessons and study habits at home.

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