Teleperformance teams with Soles4Souls for shoe drive

Teleperformance Soles4Souls shoe drive underway

ABILENE, Texas - Do you have shoes you never wear sitting in your closet?

Teleperformance and Soles4Souls will take them. They are teaming up to send shoes to the less fortunate around the world.

"People that walk on their feet all day long, they get cuts, they get sores, they get infections and so that's what the main purpose is for," Natasha Smith, Recruiting Lead at Teleperformance, said.

This is the third year the two have partnered for the national fundraiser. Smith said they are trying to increase their turn-out each year, so they aren't picky about the types of shoes you bring in.

"They could be flip-flops, they could be tennis shoes, they could be dress shoes, they can boots, it can be anything," Smith said.

The goal is set at reaching 10,000 pair of shoes from all their sites in the United States.

Brad Stalder, an administrative assistant with Teleperformance, said he has high hopes that they will beat last year's numbers.

"I believe we gathered, in our short period, about 185 pairs and we are a relatively small site, but I think from the records from last year, we were in the top 5 givers," Stalder said.

If you have a rips or tears on your shoes, Smith said not to worry; Soles4Souls will repair them so they look as good as new for the receiver.

"If they got a couple of tears in them they're gonna get fixed and refurbished," Smith said. "If the soles need to be replaced, that's okay too, they can do that stuff. The Soles4Souls company will take them and get them taken care of."

If you are interested in helping, drop by Teleperformance on 949 S. Judge Ely between Monday and Friday. The last day they will be accepting donations is January 31st.

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