Texas Department of Agriculture stops sale of gas at Abilene convenience store

Water found in 7-11 convenience store gas

ABILENE, Texas - The Texas Department of Agriculture shut down an Abilene gas station Tuesday after investigating and confirming a complaint that their fuel contained water.

Gina Dickson fueled her gas tank Monday at the 7-Eleven at the intersection of Buffalo Gap Road and South 27th Street. She said it did not take her long to realize something was not right with her 2011 truck.

"It just started shaking really bad and it just wouldn't go at all," Dickson said. "Not more than 10 minutes after I got gas here."

She took it to the Firestone Complete Auto Care on South Pioneer Drive. Mechanics told her they found water in the gas.

Dickson said she visited the 7-Eleven office in Abilene but that they did not help her. A Dallas-based corporate 7-Eleven spokeswoman told KTXS her company does not manage this particular 7-Eleven.

"I took matters into my own hands and I called the Department of Agriculture and made a complaint," Dickson said.

A Department of Agriculture inspector took a closer look at the gas pumps Tuesday. A Department of Agriculture statement sent to KTXS Tuesday stated the inspector found water in the convenience store's unleaded gas.

"Our inspector immediately ordered a stop sale for that grade of fuel. The regular unleaded gasoline cannot be sold until the station fixes the problem and contacts us so our inspector can return and test the fuel again to ensure it meets national standards and does not contain water," wrote Bryan Black with the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Dickson said she wants the gas station to buy her a new truck. She is worried the gas caused permanent damage to her truck.

"I think everybody else who purchased gas here yesterday should also come forward if they're having problems," she said.

A Firestone spokesman said Tuesday they do not yet know the extent of the damage to Dickson's truck.

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