Texas lawmakers considering bill that would get rid of vehicle inspection stickers

Texas Legislature considering changes to vehicle inspections

ABILENE, Texas - A bill in the Texas Legislature might make it a little easier to remember to renew your vehicle inspection sticker.

The Texas Senate approved a bill a few weeks ago that would get rid of the two sticker system. It is still awaiting final legislative approval.

People in Abilene said sometimes they forget to get their inspection sticker replaced. 

"I try to keep an eye on the corner and look, but no I'm pretty bad about looking from the front," said Haylee Ellis, who works in Abilene.

"Well, if you don't notice that's your fault. You're supposed to be paying attention," Joe Galloway said, disagreeing. 

Darrell Conway, who owns Auto Check Plus in Abilene, said he sees many customers drive in with expired stickers.

"You know it's something that people don't really look at very often because you're actually sitting behind the sticker," Conway said.

Part of the reason inspection stickers might be harder to remember than registration could have to do with the reminder process.

"Registration they get a thing in the mail, a reminder that your registration is due, and they either mail it back in or go to the courthouse and buy a new sticker," Conway said. 

Senate Bill 1350 could change inspection and registration to a one-sticker system.

After people get their car checked out, the inspection results would be sent electronically to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Only then would a registration sticker be issued. 

Some in Abilene said they don't always believe two is better than one.

"That would be great, yeah, much more convenient," Ellis said.

"I don't care one way or another just so long as I can do it," Galloway said.  

DPS said the change would also help cut down inspection fraud.

Twenty-seven states already use a single-sticker system. If the bill is approved by the House, it will go into effect September first.

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