Texas Ramp Project helps people in Abilene with limited mobility

ABILENE, Texas - Volunteers with the Texas Ramp Project joined together Saturday to build ramps for people in Abilene with limited mobility.

"I won't have to worry about ‘okay am I going to be able to get out of my house today,'" said Amy Anthamatten, who is wheelchair bound after being born with spina bifida.

Anthamatten has limited mobility in her legs. She said she will be forever grateful for the volunteers who built her a ramp to her front door Saturday.

"It makes you feel like you're not less than and that you're not forgotten and they do care," Anthamatten said.

Christine Boswell of the Dyess We Care Team is one of the volunteers who helped build ramps Saturday morning. She said it's a project that has special meaning for her because her mother is also disabled.

"Giving somebody a ramp that eases their pathway into their sanctuary is… it touches my heart," said Boswell. 

The Texas Ramp Project relies on volunteers to help those like Anthamatten who are unable to make it out of their front door by themselves. Currently, about 1.6 million Americans use a wheelchair and live outside of a care facility.

So what does Anthamatten say to the volunteers who spent a few hours working to make her life a little easier?

"I don't even think there's any words that I could say. I don't think thank you is enough," said Anthamatten.

Health care providers who know someone in need of a ramp can refer their patients to the project.

The Texas Ramp Project has team leaders all over the Lone Star State. There is also more information at their website: www.texasramps.org

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