Thankfulness in the Big Country

Thankfulness in the Big Country

ABILENE, Texas -  We spoke to some families on Thursday, on the real meaning of Thanksgiving. People told us why they're thankful.

"Pretty much the desserts and the turkey," said one young man.

Another man said, "Thankful for God and life. Just everyone that's there."

"Family and friends," said one man.

One young lady said, "I'm thankful for my family, my brother and sister."

"Just thankful to have my kids here with my husband," said one mother. "That we all actually get to be together today. I'm very thankful that my kids are here with me."

One woman said, "I'm thankful for the love of Jesus Christ. For my family that has came into town to visit with me."

"I'm thankful for living in a democracy, for my Lord above and my family," said one woman."

"I'm thankful that I'm able to come be with my son," said one mother. "I'm thankful for my husband, my other child, the ones that are back at home. Just thankful for my family."

One young boy said, "I'm thankful for the Golden Corral and my family because they're eating here and it's a really blessed day to eat here because its really good."

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