The 15 percent rule on STAAR tests gets struck down


ABILENE, TX - Students across the state can breathe a sigh of relief about their end of course exams.

On Friday, Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams announced the STAAR test will not be counted towards students' final grades. It wasn't counted for the 2011-2012 school year either.

The decision was passed down only one day after Gov. Rick Perry urged the commissioner to defer the requirement for students' final grade.

For months KTXS spoke to teachers, parents and students who've spoken out against the tests.

"You pretty much wind up teaching to the test, so the kids can get their diploma, cause you know that's what matters, the test," said Social Studies Teacher Jay Moore.

Teacher and parent Gina Goettsch said, "With the expectation of the new mandated STAAR test I am grateful as a parent that he is exiting public schools."

"I don't think that everyone is caught up to the same point where they all can take the same exact test," said high school student Rae'Ana Fernandez.

A state senator has also filed a bill to do away with the 15 percent rule permanently, and Gov. Perry is in support.

However, not everyone agrees. The Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond opposed the deferral, saying, "It's common sense that a final exam should be apart of their grade."

Students still have to pass the STAAR test in order to graduate.

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