The facts: How does the government shutdown impact you

Government shutdown: Local impact

ABILENE, Texas - What does the government shutdown mean for you?

Congress failed to come to a conclusion on the spending bill, which means federal offices are affected including essential and non-essential civilian federal workers. The center of the debate over shutting the government down is the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare as some are calling it. Ironically, enrollment in ObamaCare opened on Tuesday.

There is a lot of confusion over whom and what is affected.

"I don't think overall it's affecting us at all right now," Randy Billings said "There may come a time when it does."

"Certain things they're shutting down, but certain things they're not, so it's very confusing," Suzy Crowdy.

What's actually shut down?

Here are the facts:

Essential employees were required to come to work without pay. Their delayed pay may be retroactive if Congress decides on a spending plan. Non-essential workers were sent home and are furloughed until further notice.

The IRS office is closed. The Department of Labor workers were sent home.

Social Security Administration
The office is open with the same house, but limited service.

Passport Office
The office at the post office is open. People can get passports by appointment only.

Federal Courts
The office is open, for now. In 10 days they could see a cut in non-essential personnel.

Federal Benefits
Social Security and unemployment benefits will still be mailed out. Food stamps and medical benefits such as Medicaid are still available.

Mail is still being delivered. Air traffic control towers remain open.

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