The rush is on to file taxes before midnight deadline

Tax deadline day for Abilene filers

ABILENE, Texas - The tax deadline has arrived and all federal taxes must be postmarked or e-filed by April 15 to avoid a penalty.

If you're worried about getting your taxes done on time, the post office on Pine Street in Abilene has a way to help you alleviate some of that stress.

"We're gonna go ahead and allow folks to mail up until midnight here at the Abilene Main Post Office," Lewis Alamber, postmaster, said. "They can come inside in the lobby and mail their letters."  However, the windows for service are closed.

Even with the mail pick-up extension, some residents are still rushing to get their taxes done and everyone had a reason why they chose to wait until the last day to file.

"Because I owed money, so if I would have a refund I would have done them earlier," Kurt Darby said.

Some people, like Carrie Austin, said they wanted to file early because it's not worth fighting the rush at the end of tax season.

"I don't like to procrastinate just wanna wrap up and get ready for the summertime, it's busy enough so it's good to just get it over with," Austin said.

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