The sale of mixed beverages up for election in Buffalo Gap Saturday

BUFFALO GAP, Texas - Drinkers and teetotalers will both be going the polls Saturday in Buffalo Gap and they will decide if they want to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, including mixed drinks.

People have been able to buy alcohol in a small part of Buffalo Gap since 1965, but to get a mixed drink they've had to buy a club membership. Those liquor laws could change Saturday, depending on the outcome of the election.

Mayor David Perry said if the proposition passes it would mean more money for the town.

"We can do more things for the City of Buffalo Gap. The more sales tax funds you have, the more things that you can do for the community, plus the more funds you get from sales taxes, the less funds you'll have to get from property taxes. So this is a win-win for all of us, including taxpayers of Buffalo Gap," Perry said.

One restaurant owner, in particular, is very hopeful that the measure will pass.

"For Perini Ranch it would mean that we would no longer have to be a private club for the sale of alcoholic beverage and it would just be a lot easier frankly on us and a lot easier and more convenient for our customers," said Perini Ranch owner Lisa Perini.

Currently customers of Perini Ranch have to purchase a $3.00  three day temporary membership to order mixed drinks with their meal. Lisa Perini said it's time to change that.

"It is time and a lot of the communities in the Big Country have done this and it's been very successful and it just makes a fair playing field for restaurants to be able to operate on an equal basis," said Perini. 

Perry said when Perini Ranch was annexed into the City of Buffalo Gap the town's sales tax revenue went up about 40 percent. However, this proposition went down to defeat in 2009 when the people of Buffalo Gap voted against it 48 to 70.

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