There aren't many options for Abilene swimmers this summer

Multiple factors force Abilene State Park and Stevenson pools to close

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene swimmers may have to change their swimming locations this summer due to the closings of two public pools.

"It's real inconvenient," said Freddie Galvan, who swam at both Stevenson and Rose Park pools. "When they have to drive somewhere  farther than they wanted."

The Abilene State Park is facing problems such as fencing issues, electrical woes, and structural damage.

"We noticed we were leaking like 10 to 20 thousand gallons a day," said Rick Thompson, Abilene State Park superintendent. "We had to shut it down. That was more water than our water systems could keep up with."

The Stevenson Park pool is closed this summer due to leaks and declining attendance through the years.

"Stevenson Park pool is almost 59 years old, it's a very old pool," said James Childers, City of Abilene Community Service Director. "It served well over that time period but it's probably tripled the life of a lot of pools"

Renovations to the Abilene State Park are underway, and it's planned that the pool will re-open in 2015.

While the future of Stevenson Park is still undecided, Childers says it will either re-open or be converted into a new splash pad.

Both the Rose Park Pool and the Nelson Park splash pad will still be open through the Summer. Their information is listed below:

Rose Park Pool

2642 S. 9th

Open Tuesday to Sunday,

1 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Nelson Park Splash Pad

E.S. 11th & Loop 322

Open daily from sunrise to sunset


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