Three candidates vie for Abilene City Council Place 6

Election set for Saturday

Profiling Abilene City Council Place 6 candidates

ABILENE, Texas - You may have heard their names, but do you know the people running for Abilene City Council Place 6?

Their backgrounds couldn't be any more different, but all three candidates have high hopes for the city of Abilene.

Steve Savage owns a septic bank business, Kellie Miller works in marketing and Lupe Chavez is a retiree who loves to garden - and they're all vying for City Council Place 6.

Savage said he's running because he's passionate about making the city better.

Chavez is running because he has experience.

"I'm familiar with the aspects of local government, whether it's city or county, as far as budget preparation, crucial decision-making," Chavez said.

Miller, the Place 6 incumbent, said she just wants to be involved with and serve her community.

"It takes several years before you're comfortable in your skin, so to say," said Miller. "There's just so much to learn, especially when you have no prior government experience, there's been a learning curve and I just now feel like I'm starting to find my place and find my voice," she said.

We asked the candidates what separates them from each other.

"I've spent a number of hours staying up late at nigh researching things that were coming before them [the City Council], just as a concerned citizen," said Savage. "I've done my homework I guess is what I'm trying to say. I've been doing my homework for some time."

"I'm not one to focus on the problems," said Miller. "I'd rather focus on the solutions. I'm not one to fight the system. I'm one to work with citizens and to work together as a team."

"My experience, my knowledge, my background, my career, all the years in law enforcement," said Chavez. "Then, being bilingual, bicultural, is an asset. So I feel like I'm the most qualified person. I have more to offer," said Chavez.

Chavez has served as county commissioner for a county in north Texas.

If elected, this will be Savage's first time in office. 

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