Tilly the baby goat finds a foster home in Abilene

Tilly the baby goat finds a foster home

ABILENE, Texas - It was just another day at Dr. Alan Bolt's Animal Health and Medical Center when Tilly the goat came along.

Tilly's mother abandoned her after she gave birth, but Tilly's owner found her and brought her in.

"She was just dehydrated and really chilled down and hadn't eaten or anything so the man brought her to us and we just got some fluids in her and a bottle and got her going and everything," Manager Courtney Serna said. "One of our employees raises goats and so she volunteered to bottle feed her for him until she could go with the rest of the herd. So she's an office goat now, until she can get a little bit bigger to where she can go outside."

The two-week-old goat and her new best friend, a dachshund named Moose, spend their time playing together and causing mischief.

"She's learned how to climb things and get on top of things, she has learned how to eat paper, the phone books--we have to hide phone books from her," Serna said. "She's doing really good she thinks she's a weenie dog!"

Employees at the animal hospital plan to take care of Tilly for another month until she is old enough to go back to her owner. 

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