Time to consider vaccinating your pet against rattlesnake bites

Vaccinate your dogs against Rattlesnake snake bite

ABILENE, Texas - Rattlesnakes will be more abundant in the coming weeks, thanks to the warmer weather, and now is the best time to make sure your pets are protected.

We spoke with Dr. Bolt of Animal Health and Medical Center to learn more about rattlesnake vaccines.

"If they're going to be exposed, if there's any risk at all, I highly recommend the vaccine," Bolt said. "And most places in Abilene, they can be exposed, even in your backyard."

The vaccine typically costs between $25 and $30 per shot and is recommended to be given twice a year.

Without the vaccine, treatment for a snake bite will likely require anti-venom. The medicine alone costs around $1,000, with treatment likely running around $2,000.

Libby Wilhite, a dog owner, explained how the vaccinations gave here peace of mind.

"We called our vet and she told us that since we were in the area and that they were going to be outside a lot, that we needed to go ahead and to it, so we did," said Wilhite.

"We never did experience any rattlesnakes, thankfully, but I was happy to know that if we did, at least we had a better chance of them surviving."


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