Time to get crackin' on pecans

Area pecan crop down this year

ABILENE, Texas - With our first freeze behind us, pecans will start littering the yards of many.

But how does this crop stack up to years past?

According to Waylan Jackson with Jackson Brothers Feed & Seed, this year's crop will have better quality but a lower quantity than last year year.

The year started on a dry note so many trees didn't produce a high number of pecans.

Late summer rain helped to fill out the pecans that were there, though, and boosted the quality.

Robert Demore has collected pecans the entire time he's been in Abilene, 8 years.

He remembers the bumper crop years but says that 2013 isn't going to be one of them.

"There have been good years I've picked 500 pounds of pecans and I just take them back to the east coast and give them away, but it's bad, the last couple years. So far I've only had 60 pounds this year," says Demore.

If you're looking to turn your pecans into profits, many places around town will buy them from you.

Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed is buying in-shell pecans from this year's crop for at least $0.50 per pound.

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