Time to harvest cotton, how did this crop stack up?

Cotton harvest underway; farmers share perspectives

ABILENE, Texas - As we round the final corner for the 2013 cotton crop, we wanted to know how it compares to past harvests.

Rex Ford, manager of Farmer's Co-op Cotton of Stamford, says "we're calling it a good average crop which we're just now beginning to harvest it, so we don't know for sure until about December".

Rain from the summer helped some of the cotton plants but, for others, it came too late. This took many acres out of production altogether.

"It was a real hard time, it was very dry when we were planting and a lot of them didn't get it up" says Ford.

With a frost possible this week, some of the younger green bolls could sustain damage but the more mature plants should be fine.

Many cotton producers are also in the wheat industry so there's no break between crops. With a good cotton harvest almost in the books, now they're just hoping that wheat will do just as well.

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