Tractor parts stolen hurt Abilene business

Abilene woman charged with theft of tractor parts

ABILENE, Texas - After an Abilene woman was arrested for theft at a north Abilene business, some of the stolen tractor parts were recovered.

Shaddix Implements was burglarized twice during the month of July. The business is still trying to repair the damage done to the gate, but cannot replace some of the stolen parts that were not recovered.

Police arrested Paige Lee Hollon, 25 of Abilene, in connection to the thefts. She stole $12,258 worth of tractor parts from the business. She admitted to being involved and said another woman was also with her. She was arrested for theft along with three other warrants. She is being held at the Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling $7,500.

Business owner Todd Stevens said the business has been around since the 1950s and that they refurbish old tractors. Most of the parts are original and would cost the business more to replace them.

The parts were taken to a salvage yard after the thieves stole them. Some of the parts included hydraulic systems that go underneath the tractor seat, along with multiple front and back axle assemblies.

Stevens said that the theft is hurting his business by wasting his time having to clean up the mess that was left.

"I'm the only mechanic here so I have to stop actually working on the tractors," Stevens said. "I have to fix the fences and figure out what is missing. So a half a day is lost anytime someone does something like this."

Stevens also said that the next time someone needs the parts that were stolen, they will have to have them made and shipped, costing both the business and the customer more money.

Stevens said he hopes it doesn't happen again, but he will be making some changes to help including trimming trees, fixing the fence and moving parts closer to the building.

"The way the economy and things are, people will do anything for a buck nowadays, so you just gotta protect what you have," Stevens said.

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