Tree Trimming: How a little maintenance could go a long way

A little tree trimming could save you a big headache

Being proactive about tree care and maintenance could save you from a big headache down the road.

The tree trimming gets a little busier this time of year because homeowners start to remember that they have trees.

With smaller trees, trimming is a job you can often tackle in-house. For the larger ones, though, some things may be just out of your reach. That's when it's a good idea to consult a professional.

If you notice limbs that stick out at odd angles or that are starting to droop down, consider taking them off the tree altogether. Typically on windy or stormy days, those are the first ones to come down on their own.

Bruce Kreitler, owner of Broken Willow Tree Service, encourages keeping your trees in good health as a starting point. "Rather than try to deal with the tree after it's a problem, just keep it healthy so it doesn't become a problem. That's a lot easier and a lot less expensive" says Kreitler.

If you tree limbs that are interfering with power lines, contact your electrical service provider. They are usually responsible for the lines that run from power line to power line. On the other hand, homeowners are usually responsible for trees that surround lines running from the pole to the house.

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