TSTC holds mass casualty emergency drill

TSTC students get hands on skills in casualty drill

ABILENE, Texas - Texas State Technical College held a mass casualty emergency drill for EMT students on their last day of school Friday morning to represent how important it is to work as a team.

"The students use a system of triage," said Andy Weaver, EMS Director for TSTC, "to try and go in and determine which patients need to be transported immediately or first, and kind of work through that in a progressive manner."

The simulation included mock victims acting out injuries and several volunteer departments such as  Metro-Care, STEMS, and Allegiance ambulances as well as the Abilene Fire Dept.

An Air Evac helicopter was also used to transport the acting victims.

"It's a great hands on experience," said Stevie Chebahtah, an EMS student at TSTC, "you don't want to experience something like that for the first time out there working on the truck and have actual people's lives in your hands."

"This brings in some of that realism," said Weaver, "it allows them the opportunity to experience things in a safe environment…this just gives them that upper hand and that edge to be able to kind of merge and work with folks with experience."

Weaver also tells KTXS that the drill is more of a learning experience for students and not a pass or fail portion for their courses.

The mass casualty emergency drill has been held every semester since 2003.

Friday morning marked the 33 time it has taken place.

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