TSTC students get real world experience on new ambulance simulator

TSTC ambulance simulator gives real world experience to students

ABILENE, Texas - The Emergency Medical Service program at Texas State Technical College provides students with hands-on first responder skills.

The program received a new ambulance simulator complete with all the bells and whistles to provide a realistic first responder experience.

"We have some of the same action areas that are in the back of the ambulance, the bench and the cabinets, so the students gets that real feeling of actually being in an ambulance while their running the simulated call," TSTC EMS Program Chair Andy Weaver said. 

The simulator also includes a life-like patient with human abilities.

"Trying to get the vital signs and just different things like that and understanding what's going on inside the mannequin is almost like we're trying to figure out the same in a real person," TSTC EMS student Adam Wester said.

The computerized mannequin allows students to feel its pulse, check the blood pressure and respond to life threatening situations. To demonstrate the difference response techniques, the instructor switched the patient's condition from a tracheal incubation to a cardiac arrest.

The simulator cost $30,000, paid for by T.S.T.C. and a health services grant. The mannequin was cost about half that price and was bought separately.

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